About us

The company «Extra» is the manufacturer of a wide range of products under the trademark «Lakome». We grow our own raw materials in the fertile soils of the Oryol region.

Brands «Lakome» — is:

  • Quality control of raw material at all stages of production and processing, starting with the planting. The process of production and processing are serviced by qualified personnel.
  • Company plant, equipped with modern equipment to produce high quality products that meet modern consumer preferences and the existing quality standards.

The main direction of the company — the production of flakes and flakes of the cereal mixture. The company has a special lab, which daily monitors the quality of our products.

For the production of oatmeal grow a rare variety of oats — hull-less oats. Hull-less oats — is a special kind of oats, the grains of which there is no glumaceous shell. Such oats are not subjected to mechanical peeling. Hull-less oats are very important for the metabolism of nerve tissue and blood, hair and nails, cartilage and bone. Contained in oats silicon has antibacterial properties. Hull-less oats, improves liver and pancreas, and oats, promotes the assimilation of fat in the intestine.

The company is actively working experts in the field of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

We care about our customers, so it is always ready to offer only high quality, healthy, nutritious and delicious foods.

About the brand

The brand «Lakome» and the design of packaging products have been chosen not by chance that in this version.

Conducted market research, public opinion polls to find out more subtly in the preferences of consumers when choosing products.

We care about our reputation, so strictly monitor the quality of products and the entire production process. Our products retain all the natural benefits of cereals, nutritious and tasty! With their help, you will always feel easy, beautiful, young. So there were three fun and easy notes: — La — Ko — Me. And together they give a sense of delicious, nutritious, and air!

This results in a striking design and attractive packaging that allows you to see the product in its natural form through the transparent window!

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